Geared Up – en español, por favor

Each year, every 3rd grader in District 97 experiences the Geared Up LEGO engineering program – even kids in Claire Bartell’s Spanish immersion classroom at Lincoln. Working in teams of two, Ms. Bartell’s students engineered the simple machines with LEGO motorized mechanisms, testing what happened when they changed variables and learning first-hand about friction, mass, […]

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Deduction by dissection

Mrs. Smith and her Lincoln Elementary 5th graders experience a hands-on dissection during OPEF’s Science Alliance project led by Veterinary Scientist Ana Cottington. Photos by Eileen Molony.

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Castles and onion domes!

Lincoln first graders are busy learning about castle architecture in Ms. Florczak’s art class with Architecture Adventure program coordinator Adrienne McMullen. They are painting a “castle” of their own, which will be installed in the entryway to the school library. Students are also designing their own personal coats of arms to decorate the outside of […]

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