photos by Paul Goyette & Cindy Trim

OPEF is governed and managed by a volunteer Board of Directors whose members are committed to the organization's mission. Board members establish policy, monitor finances, raise funds and plan for the organization's future. OPEF also has an Executive Director and additional staff who manage day-to-day operations. Together, the Board and staff play key roles in support of our Art Start, Science Alliance, Vex Robotics, Architecture Adventure and Geared Up programs through committee work, fundraising and other activities.

For more information about the Board, contact Nominating Chair Willoughby Anderson.

Molly Galo - President
Jeffrey Piper - Vice President
Steve Miller - Treasurer
Stephanie Springs - Secretary

Willoughby Anderson
Karen Coke
Faith Cole
Matt Cote
Karen Daily
Amy Felton
Nora Flynn
Linda Francis
Adam Golla
Paul Mann
David Martin
John McCauley
Albert G. Roberts
Roselyn Roberts
Helen Wei

View OPEF's most recent tax filing (form 990) here. To view the Oak Park Education Foundation's by laws, click here.

photo by Paul Goyette "I had a couple kids have some lightbulb moments [during Geared Up] where suddenly their world seemed to make more sense to them. That was really great to see."
   —Geared Up teacher

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