social worker monica collins

We are thrilled to announce that Monica Collins is the winner of this year’s Staszak Outstanding Educator Award.

Congratulations to Ms. Collins, a beloved District 97 social worker and OPEF partner. Ms. Collins demonstrates a deep commitment to expanding summer scholarship opportunities and serving students’ social and emotional needs. An Oak Park resident, Ms. Collins has been a Mann School social worker for 13 years. She works with students, parents, teachers, community providers and the administration to ensure that all students have a safe, supportive and inclusive learning environment. This summer, Ms. Collins will serve as the on-site social worker for BASE Camp.

We will recognize Ms. Collins during our upcoming virtual fundraiser, OPEF Makes Magic, Friday, May 21st.

Please join us for this magical evening as we celebrate and raise money for our BASE Camp Scholarship Program. Register for free and get more details here.