7480J-Lime LizardsOPEF just got word on Tuesday that 9 additional VEX Robotics teams have qualified for the Illinois VEX Middle School Robotics State Championship. This means we will be sending a record 12 teams to the State Championship!

Our teams will spend the next week tweaking their designs, tightening screws and practicing their driving in preparation for going up against the top teams in the state on March 5th.

The OPEF VEX Robotics state qualifying teams are:

  • Brooks Team 7183C:  Gearheads 2.0
  • Brooks Team 7183E:  }{hydra Revolution
  • Julian Team 7480A:  The A-Team
  • Julian Team 7480D:  Dead Silver
  • Julian Team 7480E:  Mint-E-Fresh
  • Julian Team 7480F:  Fist Puma
  • Julian Team 7480G:  G-Men
  • Julian Team 7480H:  Hoopz
  • Julian Team 7480J:  Lime Lizards
  • Julian Team 7480K:  Kryptonite
  • Julian Team 7480M:  Mighty Little Pinkies
  • Julian Team 7480N:  Nuclear Bombs

Congratulations to these exceptional engineers and all the competitors.