We are two months away from our annual William C. Staszak Gala and things are starting to get exciting!

This event is almost entirely planned and run by volunteers, and so our committee members are vital to the success of the gala. This year’s committee members are all current or past D97 parents. We are so grateful to everyone who volunteers their time and talents to helping us support D97 school kids.

Gala Co-Chairs:
Kandy Shapiro
Andrea Lofgren
Gala Committee Members:
Jennifer Howat
Inga Simitz
DiAne Boese
Karin Riggs
Rajani Raghavan
Allison Ramsey
Claire Reynes
Vesna Nikolic
Wendy Irvine
Stephanie Kiesling
Wendy Giardina

The gala will be held on March 17th at 7:00pm at the Columbus Park Refectory. Stay tuned for information about buying tickets. For information about donating goods or services, please contact Karen Daily at kdaily@opef.org