boy holding large bird

For over five years falconer and scientist Craig Hendee has been swooping in to Oak Park schools with his Peregrine Falcon, Alvin. This year, Hendee brought a special guest, a six-month old endangered Saker Falcoln named Susie.

Hendee works with the International Heritage Conservancy and his hands-on visits are funded by Science Alliance. Over the course of five visits this year, Hendee and students will talk about and discover bird habitats, feathering, and conservation efforts for these majestic birds and other animals.

Irving 5th graders and members of the “Green Team,” held the bird and asked questions about bird diet and behavior.

Hendee is just one of the many scientists that visit Oak Park schools through Science Alliance. These scientists show students the scientific method in action, and help introduce them to a variety of science careers. You can learn more about Science Alliance here. Click on the photo below to see all the pictures (and a video) of the visit.

Irving 5th grade Science Alliance with Falconer Craig Hendee