NEW! Partial Scholarships Available

For the first time, thanks to our generous donors, we are offering PARTIAL scholarships to D97 families with campers going into grades 1-8 in the fall. If you don’t qualify for the Free and Reduced Lunch Program, but still find it a hardship to pay for extra enrichment activities such as summer learning camps, these scholarships may be for you. Qualifying families can receive 50% scholarships. Please see here for more details, including an income eligibility chart; apply here as pre-approval is required BEFORE BASE Camp registration. Spots are limited, so apply now.

We continue to have FULL Scholarships Available for D97 students who qualify for the Free and Reduced Lunch Program. No need to apply in advance. See details for FULL Scholarships here. 

Registration for BASE Camp Summer 2020 begins Wednesday February 5th at Noon. Mark your calendars!