Just like you, we really miss BASE Camp. We recently asked you to tell us what was most important to you about BASE Camp, and what you needed from us this coming summer.

Based on the survey, we know that you love BASE Camp because:

1) Camps include a wide variety of educational offerings
2) Camps are taught by high-quality educators
3) Camps allow for socialization (beyond school peers/friend groups)
4) Camps are FUN!

So, that’s what we want to bring you this year. Our goal for BASE Camp 2021 is to bring you a safe, fun, educational environment in which kids can thrive.

BASE Camp Timing

We also know that we are all still living with a lot of uncertainty. Normally, we have camp information on our website in December or January, and hold registration in February. This year, we are pushing things back a little. We will have all information available on our website by March, and hold registration in April. We think that will give everyone a little more breathing room to make sure that our plans are safe and responsible. Please stay tuned for more information.

What Parents Say

We thought you might enjoy hearing a little of what parents said about BASE Camp:

“Of all the Covid sadnesses, Base Camp 2020 was high on our list. We are looking forward to joining you next summer. ”

“I would love to see BASE camp continue in 2021. It’s been a highlight of our summer and the programming is spot-on.”

“We did the outdoor biking BASE this summer and absolutely loved it, even though the heat was oppressive and we got midday rides. We really want to see BASE succeed this year in a format similar to previous years, obviously adopted as needed for whatever COVID protocols look like mid-2021.”

“Thank you for thinking of brighter days and opportunities, even if it will need to include some adaptations for health and safety.”