BASE Camp is growing tremendously and OPEF is supporting it with key staff changes and additions to ensure kids have an enriching summer experience.

Lindsay Bruce

Lindsay Bruce

Lindsay Bruce, who joined OPEF in 2015 as a BASE Camp Coordinator, has moved into the new role of BASE Camp Director.

“Lindsay has already done a wonderful job creating and overseeing our Columbus Day and MLK Day camps, directing OPEF’s growing summer camp scholarship program, forging new community partnerships, hiring and training youth counselors and much more. We’re thrilled to have the reins of BASE Camp in her capable hands,” said OPEF’s Executive Director, Deb Abrahamson.   

Two new staffers are now on hand to support Lindsay. Angie Hawkins joins the team as BASE Camp Assistant Director, and Amy Struckmeyer as BASE Camp Operations Coordinator. Angie is a 13-year veteran art teacher who spent several summers as a camp coordinator in a north suburban park district. Amy has an extensive background in the field of architecture and has also been active in the Irving PTO, growing and managing their relatively new after-school enrichment program.

“I’m thrilled to welcome Angie and Amy to our team,” said Lindsay.  “Angie’s special combination of teaching, education administration, and communication skills, along with Amy’s management and planning skills, creativity and extensive background with District 97 programs will add tremendous value as we continue to improve our BASE Camp operation.”

Jenny Roen, who since 2012 has driven the growth and success of BASE Camp, resigned as of the end of May. Her instinct for what kids enjoy and learn from, attention to detail, warmth and calm have been integral to making BASE Camp what it is today, with 96% of parents saying they’d recommend it to a friend.

“Not only has BASE Camp grown into a trusted community resource, it has raised the profile of OPEF overall and become an important funding source for OPEF’s free in-school programs. And we couldn’t have done it without Jenny’s leadership,” said Deb.


Angie Hawkins, BASE Camp Assistant Director

Angie Hawkins

Angie Hawkins

Angie Hawkins, a 13-year veteran art teacher, worked primarily at Burnham Elementary School in Cicero. In addition to teaching, she collaborated with colleagues on various committees aimed at using data analysis to increase student achievement and parent involvement. She also brings several summers of experience working in a north suburban park district as a camp coordinator providing a safe and fun outdoor learning environment for children of all age ranges.  

“I am excited to join this great organization that provides high-quality programming to the students within our community. I look forward to working with everyone at OPEF as well as all those from the Oak Park community who contribute to the success of District 97 students,” said Angie.

Angie holds a BFA in Art Education from Michigan State University as well as a Master of Educational Leadership from Northeastern Illinois. She has been a part of the Oak Park community for four years along with her husband and two young children.

Amy Struckmeyer, BASE Camp Operations Coordinator

Amy Struckmeyer

Amy Struckmeyer

Amy Struckmeyer worked in the field of architecture for more than a decade, taking on many design and management roles. She has been active in the Irving PTO, developing and growing their relatively new after-school enrichment program. From programming and establishing a budget to facilitating enrollment and managing day-to-day operations, she was involved in overseeing all aspects of the now thriving program.

“As an enthusiastic supporter of the creative problem-solving skills that BASE Camp programming promotes through direct experience with engineering, science and the arts, I’m excited to play a part in growing an already formidable program,” said Amy.

Amy earned a bachelor’s degree from Washington University in St. Louis, and a Master’s of Architecture from the University of Washington in Seattle. Amy and her husband, Jim, have lived in Oak Park since 2000.  Their two children attend District 97 schools and have enjoyed many BASE Camp experiences.