The results of our BASE Camp Survey for summer 2021 are in, and we wanted to share some useful feedback from our BASE Camp families. Overall, the feedback was very positive results! 97% of our respondents would recommend BASE Camp to a friend, and most respondents were very enthusiastic about teachers, staff and the offerings. Here are some quotes pulled directly from the survey:

  • After a year plus of fully remote school (the last 1/3 of which we’d have gladly gone in-person, had D97 given the option), our family so appreciated that our son could get the chance to experience in-person learning, and get inside the building where he will go next year. He is really becoming more familiar with the Brooks building so that he will feel more comfortable when he starts 7th grade– having missed out on 6th grade it meant a lot to him. He loved being among other kids in-person. Thank you!
  • Base Camp is a dream! It’s the best of Oak Park and my 4th grader could not wait to return to camp each day. This is a pleasant return to education after an unusual year of zoom education during the pandemic. Base Camp checks all the boxes and does it right and is an absolute treasure of Oak Park. Thank you!
  • I always look forward to having my boys be in BASE camp because I know they are going to learn and have fun. I especially enjoy when my boys come home using new vocabulary like mass, lift and buoyancy. Each week at BASE camp is a chance for my boys to open a whole new area of interest. I love that!”
  • I feel so much better about sending my son to middle school after him taking the Biking Adventures camp. Now he knows how to ride safely in the street with awareness and caution. It makes for much better family bike rides as well. Thank you!”
  • You guys did an amazing job coming up with creative camp ideas. It’s really interesting stuff, the counselors were wonderful and we are so grateful!”
  • The teachers and youth counselors were great! My daughter had just finished remote kindergarten and was very nervous each morning. The youth counselors were fantastic in engaging with her and helping her feel comfortable. One week, one of the counselors even stayed with her to play at recess.”
  • My son loved the Frisbee Physics camp — it’s great to have camps that integrate physical activity with learning academic concepts, and we loved that it was mostly outdoors.”

We are looking forward to seeing all of your wonderful campers in Summer 2022!