BASE Camp Waitlist Procedure

If a camp you are interested in is full, we encourage you to add yourself to the waitlists as spots do open up from right after registration to right before camp starts. There is no charge to add to the waitlist, and there is a benefit to getting on the waitlist early because we fill camps in the order in which the waitlist requests are received.

You may add yourself to the wait list through our registration system, but we recognize this can be a confusing part of the registration process. So please take a quick look at these instructions BEFORE you register:

  • If your top choice camp is full, an “Add to waitlist” option will be visible. If you click this button, a “Tell Us More” popup will appear with two options. 
  • First option is “Waitlist This Item,” which allows you to select a backup camp that is available along with your waitlisted camp.
  • Second option is “Waitlist for Both,” for when you only want to waitlist a specific camp (or camps), but don’t want to secure a guaranteed spot in an available camp. 

Should an opening become available, BASE Camp staff will contact the names on the wait list in the order received. If your name is next up, you will be contacted by email right away and offered the open spot with no obligation to take it. You will have 48 hours to reply before the next name on the wait list is contacted.

While we do not have an online way to share your place on the wait list, feel free to contact us at any time for a status update. Openings to the list are, as you might guess, difficult to predict! For questions, please contact our BASE Camp staff at