Got Stuff?
Your Clutter is Needed!
What does it take to have a fun and educational summer? Apparently it takes a whole lot of paper towel tubes, cardboard boxes, bottle caps, honey bear containers, and an assortment of other eclectic items!

These are just some of the many items on BASE Camp’s wish list of supplies. To you, they’re just clutter or recyclables, but to our campers they can become volcanoes, rockets, musical instruments, and more.

Check out our list and see how your junk could help spark a child’s imagination and creativity this summer. Please contact Anne to arrange drop-off or pick-up of items.

Recycled Items:

bottle caps (from glass beer and pop bottles)

any old mirrors (to break up for mosaics)

CDs (used or new)

corrugated cardboard sheets or large boxes

cardboard boxes of all sizes


empty cereal boxes (can be flattened)

paper case boxes and lids

cardboard circles from frozen pizzas

cardboard canisters (such as from Quaker oats or cornmeal)

small flat boxes, small frozen pizza boxes, flat shipping boxes, or pie boxes

tissue boxes, large

tissue boxes, small square

paper towel tubes (or empty cardboard rolls from foil, plastic wrap, etc.)

toilet paper tubes

long cardboard tubes (from wrapping paper, posters, upholstery fabric, etc.)

empty packing tape rolls

hollow spools (empty thread spools, etc.)

plastic honey bear containers, 12 oz. (clean and empty)

wine cork

milk/juice paper cartons, all sizes

plastic grocery/shopping bags (all sizes and colors)

LEGO minifigures

LEGO baseplates

small plastic bins and trays

old newspapers

recycled odds and ends (for small sculptures)

sturdy plastic and metal shelving


Office Supplies:

composition notebooks (new)

hole punches

#2 pencils


masking tape

packing tape

Scotch tape


Art and Craft Supplies

craft sticks, jumbo and regular


pipe cleaners

hot glue sticks

markers of all types (new or almost new)

plastic gems

duct tape

gift cards to Dick Blick Art Store