UPDATE: The photos sets linked below have all been updated with new photos from week four of BASE
Camp. Check them out! (7/5/11)

Our VEX Robotics kids (entering 6th-7th grade) custom designed, built and programmed robots to meet
a variety of challenges in the form of different games. They built a variety of bots, working in teams, and
put on a great show for parents, guardians, siblings and friends at the final competition on June 30!

The Fibonacci Mural group (entering 6th-8th grade) learned and mapped the golden ratio, and then
designed and painted a mural under the “L” tracks between North and South Boulevards where Forest
Ave. meets Home Ave. On June 13, they took a field trip to get inspiration from many fabulous murals in
Humboldt Park. On June 24, they hosted a reception to celebrate their fine work.

Our Architecture Adventurers (students entering 4th-6th grade) designed buildings and made models,
with help from professional architects and high school student TAs. They also worked with Google
Sketch Up to create 3D virtual models.

The Dissection: Comparative Anatomy and Medical Illustration class (for kids entering 5th-8th grade)
spent 2 weeks dissecting specimens from chicken wings to fetal pigs to learn about human anatomy.
They spent a day working with Pat Thomas, Board Certified Medical Illustrator and Oak Parker who
explained the how and why of her trade and helped students with their illustrations.

Geared Up: Engineering with LEGOs campers (entering 3rd-5th grade) took on new challenges every
week — from structures to wind power, animals to vehicles. They experimented with motors and remote
controls, tested their machines and made them better and better.

In Art Start: Arts Adventure, our youngest campers (entering 1st-2nd grade) spent 2 weeks exploring
many of the arts
, including theater, story, dance, music, and painting.

They presented the fruits of their labor, including an elaborate set, costumes and books made mainly
from found materials, to parents and friends on June 24.

In Geared Up/Architecture Adventure: Engineering with LEGOs (for students entering 1st-2nd grade),
kids built the White House, Willis Tower, Wrigley Field, Seattle Space Needle, the Grand Canyon and
more. They learned about geography, history and architecture while creating very impressive models!

The last week of camp included Art Start: Maps of the Imagination (for kids entering 3rd-5th grade). The
kids used painting, drawing, and printmaking to create unique versions of their own mind-boggling mind