It’s been a fun and productive camp experience for more than 100 kids, ages 7-12, who attended OPEF’s first BASE Camp this June. Check out our pictures of:

  • Architecture Adventure students constructing a miniature city and exploring architectural landmarks from around the world. They worked with professional architects and their tools, creating a mind-blowing city using 3D models, and learning Google Sketch Up design.
  • VEX Robotics students designing, building and programming remote-controlled robots from scratch, with help from their teachers and some high school mentors. They held two scrimmages to compete and test the various skills of the bots they created.
  • Geared Up students designing and building machines that work (like a cart, a clock, a windmill and a robotic dog) using LEGO Motorized Mechanisms kits. They faced numerous design challenges, tested their models and improved them as they went. The students also designed and created bridges to see how much weight they could support.

Congrats to all our impressive BASE Campers! It was great to work with you.
Photos are by Oak Park photographer Paul Goyette. Additional pictures from BASE Camp’s Architecture Adventure program here. Thanks to Oak Park Photographer David Kindler.