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4th Graders Learn to Fall Fast

Dr. David Kupperman of Argonne National Labs gave Whittier 4th graders some hands-on experiences with gravity and its affects on objects in free-fall and on an inclined plane. He also showed them how to measure time without a clock, parents of 5th graders everywhere are hoping this proves to be a scientific breakthrough in getting […]

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3rd Graders Connect the Bones

Scientist Chris Ferrigno of Rush University Medical Center visited with Ms. Kauneli’s third grade class at Irving last week and provided a real HANDS ON experience. Several kids were very informed about shark cartilage but were surprised to learn some of the places where humans have cartilage – not just your nose and ears! Students […]

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Mini-explosions catalyze student fascination with chemistry during Science Alliance field trip

What do hydrogen peroxide, gummy bears, glycerol, Mentos and household insulation all have in common? They were all part of a chemistry extravaganza enjoyed by fourth graders at Whittier Elementary School–the culmination of an Science Alliance residency sponsored by the Oak Park Education Foundation and taught by volunteer scientist Dr. Brent Friesen, a chemistry professor at Dominican […]

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An Exploration of Cells

Dr. Silver Daniel (pathologist at Central DuPage Hospital) led 5th graders in Ms. Moncatch’s class on an exploration of cells and their function in the human body. To help the students remember the components inside of a cell, they made their own edible cell model. Cookies represented the cell, icing was the “cytoplasm” and various […]

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Science Alliance trip offers Irving students hands-on lessons in physics, anatomy

It was anything but a typical school day for a group of enthusiastic Irving Elementary students, who ventured to Rush University Medical Center this week to construct prosthetic hands and poke their fingers though the aorta of dissected sheep hearts. Susan Tresselt’s second graders and Lauren Kaunelis’ third graders, along with a group of parent chaperones, […]

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