Getting Our Science On

Oak Park has a surprising amount of scientists living in our small village, and OPEF is thrilled to be able to take advantage of their talents, generosity, and knowledge. Check out some of the photos of our volunteer Science Alliance scientists visiting classrooms. At Mann, Dr. Jordi Cabana Jimenez used Mentos and Coke to teach […]

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man at front of class

4th Graders Learn to Fall Fast

Dr. David Kupperman of Argonne National Labs gave Whittier 4th graders some hands-on experiences with gravity and its affects on objects in free-fall and on an inclined plane. He also showed them how to measure time without a clock, parents of 5th graders everywhere are hoping this proves to be a scientific breakthrough in getting […]

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Whittier 3rd graders move the world with simple machines

How do you get a room full of third graders to stay interested as the school year winds down? Bring them some Legos and show them how they use simple machines in every day life. Working in groups of two the nineteen students in Ms. Swanson’s third grade classroom built and experimented with OPEF’s Lego […]

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Mini-explosions catalyze student fascination with chemistry during Science Alliance field trip

What do hydrogen peroxide, gummy bears, glycerol, Mentos and household insulation all have in common? They were all part of a chemistry extravaganza enjoyed by fourth graders at Whittier Elementary School–the culmination of an Science Alliance residency sponsored by the Oak Park Education Foundation and taught by volunteer scientist Dr. Brent Friesen, a chemistry professor at Dominican […]

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Masterpiece Gallery at Whittier

Second graders in Ms. Druckmillers class worked with teaching artist Guillermo Delgado on a project that taught them to ‘see’ art.  Students chose one masterpiece and worked on drawing and painting skills that utilized right brain thinking.   An art exhibit and ice cream reception was held at Brown Cow in Forest Park.

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OPEF on the move in D97 classrooms!

We’ve had an exciting few months filled with dancing and yoga-loving teaching artists, creative scientists, and math-inspired visual artists visiting our schools and giving our kids hands-on projects and real-world learning experiences. Enjoy a few of the highlights! ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Beye Art Start Teaching Artist LeKeya Shearrill led Ms. Schweigert’s second graders at Beye in […]

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