Working with art teacher Ms. Florcza through the Architecture Adventure program, 2nd graders in the classes of Ms. Brummell (Hatch), Ms. Djikas, and Ms. Creticos (Longfellow) created these amazing and colorful structures. Their creations are in the style of artist James Rizzi, who was an American pop artist known for his 3D artwork and colorful palette. This project is the elementary school interpretation of his Dancing Houses.

The finished houses can be found dancing in the children’s section of the Oak Park Main Library through the early November.

Special thanks to artist Margot McMahon for the face templates and Aria Group Architects for building the wire structures that house the artwork. Additional thanks to volunteer architects Steve Ryniewicz, Lauren Wiatrek, Maria Miller, Martika Bertucci, and Dan Linzing for their classroom assistance.

Click here to view a slide show of the students’ gorgeous work. Photos courtesy of DTKindler Photography and Lisa Frederick.