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Base Camp is a dream! It’s the best of Oak Park and my 4th grader could not wait to return to camp each day. This is a pleasant return to education after an unusual year of zoom education during the pandemic. Base Camp checks all the boxes and does it right and is an absolute treasure of Oak Park. Thank you!” – Base Camp Parent, 2021

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Here’s What Your Donation Can Do

Art Start

Buys supplies for one Art Start classroom residency.

Visiting Poet

Supports a Spoken Word visiting artist helping middle schoolers find & cultivate their individual voices.


Pays to teach coding and design to 3rd-8th grade students.


Provides BASE Camp scholarships for students looking for an enriching summer experience.

We aren’t funded by taxes or government grants, and our list of corporate underwriters is small. But we are a successful, growing organization because of the generosity of neighbors and friends like you. Our supporters believe in educational partnerships and hands-on activities that inspire students’ love of learning.

We reach ALL our public school kids since almost all OPEF programs take place during the school day in regular classrooms. You never know which kid will be the one to realize he has a passion for science, or she can lead the class in drumming, or engineering makes perfect sense to him. For many students, OPEF programs are the only opportunity they have to interact with a scientist, artist, engineer or architect. It’s their only opportunity to see Chicago, attend a performance or visit a scientist’s lab.

We connect learning to the real world, by bringing in experts and sending kids out on field trips. Field trips are on the decline nationwide, but OPEF continues to fund them and encourage teachers to make time for these meaningful and memorable educational experiences.

Please give generously to support exciting educational opportunities for Oak Park kids!

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And thank you.