Imagine a robotics season in which a team who struggles with tech problems at the start of the season comes from behind to win it all at the Championship. This season it could happen!

OPEF VEX Robotics is thrilled to announce that this year its Competitive Clubs at Brooks and Julian will be taking part in a new program, called the Chicagoland Robotics League. This league, conceived and spearheaded by OPEF VEX Robotics staff, is made up of 41 VEX Robotics middle school teams from a total of 6 Chicago-area schools. Our league will play the current VEX Robotics Challenge Game and our season will look and feel much like our competitive seasons of the past with some small but exciting differences:

  • Every team in the league will attend a total of 4 tournaments—1 each month starting in December.
  • League events will only have qualifying rounds and host not more than 24 teams at a time. This means these Saturday events will be smaller, shorter and easier to host.
  • Team scores will be cumulative throughout the season. That’s right, team rankings will be based on a team’s total points at all competitions. Now if a robot is not working at an event, the team will have additional opportunities to improve their ranking at future events. It will also allow teams to keep tweaking and improving their robot. Rankings will be posted online so families can keep abreast of the standings of our teams throughout the season.
  • The Battle of the Bots—which will be Saturday, March 3, 2018 at Julian Middle School—will now be the League Championship and the end of our season. This will be the same exciting flagship event families have come to expect with Tournament play, Judging awards and a Skills Arena.
  • ALL teams will go to the Battle of the Bots League Championship and have one more opportunity to improve their ranking during the morning’s qualifying matches.

Do you know of a Brooks or Julian Middle School student interested in joining our program? For more information about each school’s recruitment process, select the appropriate link below: