The Oak Park Education Foundation is honored to be chosen by the Longfellow 2nd graders to receive the $561 proceeds from their fundraiser. They sent us the following letter, signed by every student and teacher in the four 2nd grade classes:

Dear Oak Park Education Foundation,
We, the second grade classes, are happy to be able to send you this donation for $561.00 that was raised by all four classes during our Kindness Market. Each of us made something to sell to other students and parents in our school. This helped us practice our money skills, especially learning how to make change. We also learned about economics: consumers and producers, goods and services.
Because we had just finished reading stories about kindness, we decided to donate the money we raised to worthy, nonprofit organizations. The Oak Park Education Foundation has a long history helping our schools. We are very delighted that we are able to participate in the Art Start program during 2nd grade. We really enjoyed the drumming that Mr. Atiba Jali did with Mr. Naber’s class, and look forward to the work the other artists will be doing with the other classes.
Thank you very much for all that you do to enrich our education through the arts.
The students in Mr. Podlasek’s, Mr. Naber’s, Ms. Lambshead’s, and Ms. Creticos’s 2nd Grade Classes