We have some special guest bloggers this month as Ms. Nelson’s third graders (Longfellow) have agreed to share their thoughts on the Geared Up program with us. Geared Up is an excellent introduction to engineering, using LEGOs. The program was first proposed by Gretchen Junker during our last Call for Ideas. Ms. Junker currently serves as the Program Coordinator, and a VEX Robotics Coach. Stay tuned for more posts from Ms. Nelson’s students, and catch up on those you missed here.

Guest Blogger: Luca Angelini

Creating the Class 1 lever was easy to move because the load was at the end and it can’t catapult things. It looked like it could catapult, but when we tried it, it made the load fall off!   Oh well!  The Class 2 lever was tricky to build, but we just worked on it, and bam, it was done!

The second class lever was harder to move because the load was right next to the effort.  It couldn’t catapult things either, which made me sad. This lever was tricky, so if you try to create it, keep working hard and you’ll get it!

I liked our first Lego workshop. It was hard at times, though, so work hard and have fun!