We have some special guest bloggers this month as Ms. Nelson’s third graders (Longfellow) have agreed to share their thoughts on the Geared Up program with us. Geared Up is an excellent introduction to engineering, using LEGOs. The program was first proposed by Gretchen Junker during our last Call for Ideas. Ms. Junker currently serves as the Program Coordinator, and a VEX Robotics Coach. Stay tuned for more posts from Ms. Nelson’s students, and catch up on those you missed here.


Guest Blogger: Isadora Conour

Have you ever been able to build with LEGOS for science?

If not ask your teacher about the Geared Up LEGO workshops.The LEGO workshops are when a person comes into your classroom to teach you about simple machines. The person also brings in LEGO kits so that you can build different simple machines with them.

This time, my class worked with wheels and axles. We used the LEGOs to build models that used wheels and axles.  It was so much fun and I learned a lot!


Guest Blogger: Marcus Cho

Wheels and axles are awesome materials that move freely, the axles are the rods that connect the wheels. You can use these LEGO kits for building wheel and axle systems and for building other stuff for fun! LEGOs are very popular to build and play with!

We made some systems with LEGOs that have wheels that turn with a steering wheel and others that have no steering wheel.  We experimented to see which ones would work better.

We customized each of our systems to see what would work best on a real car or other vehicle.