We have some special guest bloggers this month as Ms. Nelson’s third graders (Longfellow) have agreed to share their thoughts on the Geared Up program with us. Geared Up is an excellent introduction to engineering, using LEGOs. The program was first proposed by Gretchen Junker during our last Call for Ideas. Ms. Junker currently serves as the Program Coordinator, and a VEX Robotics Coach. Stay tuned for more posts from Ms. Nelson’s students, and catch up on those you missed here.


Guest Blogger: Jaida Garland

Today In science we worked with LEGOS again!  This time, we used the LEGOS to build pulley systems.  It was a little hard to do, but it was also fun. When we lifted a load without a pulley, it was a little bit hard. When we added a pulley, it was a lot easier and fun to use. I like building simple machines out of LEGOS!

Guest Blogger: William Lucas

We built a pulley with LEGOS.  We used a string to pull the load up.  A pulley is made up of a string and a wheel.  The pulley made it easier to lift the load up.  I like buliding with LEGOS and learning about simple machines!