In November, Informitics, LLC president and founder Tim Hunnewell, whose daughter is in the Brooks OPEF VEX Robotics program, issued a fundraising challenge to help OPEF VEX Robotics reach a stretch fundraising goal of $15,000. Informitics promised to match up to $5,000 in gifts to the program.

The response was amazing! To date we have raised $23,170, including $3,070 from individual donors.

This generous response from the community has allowed us to purchase two additional arenas, which will allow us to more easily have additional scrimmages between the schools (as we did last Saturday!). We will also now be able to help grow Illinois Middle School VEX Robotics by loaning out the two additional arenas to other middle schools to increase the number of competitive tournaments for our teams.

This support from our community has also enabled us to purchase additional equipment–such as power expanders, which allows us to increase the performance of our robots and be more competitive in the arena.

Thanks so much to all the businesses and individuals that helped make this fundraiser such a resounding success!