Families and local businesses are being asked to help the OPEF VEX Robotics program reach its 2014-15 stretch financial goal to not only fund the after-school teams but also provide more competition opportunities. Informitics, a local technology firm and proud supporter of OPEF,
has issued the challenge to help support this award-winning program.

“I’m in the information business, and know that our kids need engineering, mathematical, and programming skills now more than ever. I see with my own daughter that VEX Robotics can be a thrilling way to learn those skills,” says Tim Hunnewell, president and founder of Informitics, LLC.

If the teams meet the stretch goal of $15,000, the donations will help them buy two additional arenas to:

  • Provide more competitive opportunities for the students
  • Build student competence and confidence through competition
  • Support the expansion of new middle school VEX Robotics teams throughout Illinois

Donate now to help the OPEF VEX Robotics Teams meet the growing demand for stimulating, hands-on STEM experiences for kids.