Ms. Gullo’s Irving Kindergarten students worked hard to construct a city out of recycled materials as their 2010-2011 Art Start project. Ms. Shannon Greve, Youth and Family Programs Manager from the Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust in Oak Park, was their Art Start leader. She worked with the students on Form, Function and Design principles that influenced Frank Lloyd Wright. Ms. Shannon talked to the students about street grids and other details that a city or village would need.

Students constructed houses, and community buildings (hospitals, village hall, school, library, fire station etc.) and made other details out of construction paper. It is a totally cool city!

Our final project was an exploration of art glass. The students saw a slide presentation of art glass in Frank Lloyd Wright’s home. They discussed the types of shapes and use of symmetry. The students then created their own stained glass using tracing paper and colored pencils. Come check them out on our windows. What a great experience for the students!

Story by Irving Kindergarten Teacher Ellyn Gullo