3rd-grade students in Ms. Nicks’ and Ms. Turi’s classrooms discovered first hand the power of simple machines with the OPEF Geared Up LEGO engineering program. With the help of Gretchen Junker, students learned how gears work to make life easier.

Click here to view a slide show of the students in action. Photos courtesy of Dana Nitzoy Photography.

The students next took their learning on the road with a field trip to Oak Park’s Public Works Center. John Wielebnicki, Director of Public Works for Oak Park, gave the tour. Staff members demonstrated how the big equipment worked and the kids identified the simple machines involved. Mr. Wielebnicki also showed the children the LEED-certified building’s green roof and solar panels, and answered their many questions.

Click here to see photos of the children’s field trip to the Public Works Center. Photos courtesy of Angela Farnham.