Check out our 2-minute videos of Geared Up and Architecture Adventure LEGO projects:

  • Students in the 2nd/3rd grade class of Mr. Podlasek and Ms. Pasquinelli at Longfellow used our LEGO bricks to build early Native American communities. The project helped reinforce the concepts they learned about early Native American culture and the environments in which they lived. In addition to the video, make sure you also check out Oak Park photographer David Kindler’s photos.
  • At Longfellow, the entire 5th grade built windmills as part of their studies of how to generate and store energy. Photos by Gretchen Junker are here.
  • Watch Ms. Turi’s Holmes 3rd graders build and test principles of simple machines using wheels and axles (video by Erich Kittlaus).
  • Ms. Ndaiye’s Holmes 3rd graders show off their Geared Up engineering skills and enthusiasm with a great sound track by Atiba Jali.
  • At our summer BASE Camp, Mr. Kristofer and his students showed off their motorized machines (and motorized animals!), made predictions about how they’d operate, and explained how they were made.