Dr. Ben Stark from IIT visited Mr. Manus’s 4th-grade class to discuss air pressure as a part of the Science Alliance program. The Beye students were enthralled with his presentation, which included an explanation of how air pressure is used to fly a plane. A few eager volunteers were able to participate in hands-on experiments, including one involving suction cups.

Mr. Manus explains how special Dr. Stark’s visits are: “The great thing about Dr. Stark coming into the classroom is that he can do things that the other teachers can’t do. He can bring in really different and fun experiments. He can connect with the kids in many ways that the teachers cannot and the kids love when he comes. He’s in the classroom maybe once every three to four weeks, always with something interactive, always with something interesting. He has been doing this for more than 20 years and it is amazing to me how he can connect with the kids every year, year after year. It is an absolute delight to have him in this classroom.”