New BASE Camp Sections Now Open to Rising 6th Graders

biking kids at camp

We heard you!

So many rising 6th graders (6th grade as of Fall 2018) have asked for more BASE Camp options that we have opened the following camps, previously only available for 7th & 8th graders, to 6th graders.

The newly opened camps are:

Lift Off: Aeronautics

Week 1June 11 to June 158:45-11:45 AM$170
Week 2June 18 to June 228:45-11:45 AM$170

1-week session  Investigate and test the dynamics of flight by building different aircraft models and learn first hand about combustion and trajectory by launching your own rockets. Investigate physics concepts such as energy conservation, buoyancy and the forces of flight. During the week you’ll design, build, and test airplanes, rockets, Chinese lanterns and more. The sky’s the limit as we explore the science of aeronautics. Instructor: Ryan VenHorst. Content will be the same each session.


Week 1June 11 to June 1512:30-3:30 PM$170
Week 2June 18 to June 2212:30-3:30 PM$170

1-week session New to robotics? Learn to design, build and program cool robots using LEGO’s most advanced robotics technology – MINDSTORMS® EV3. Work as a team to complete projects and games created specifically for EV3. You can build robots like a raptor arm, space tracker, electric guitar, robodozer, and more. Through the engineering design process you will gain the skills needed to build and program robots, and understand how technology works in real-world applications. Instructor: Richard Rollo. You may register for multiple sessions; you will take on new challenges with each.

Paper HeART

Week 3June 25 to June 298:45 AM-3:30 PM$350
Week 4July 2 to July 6 (no camp July 4)8:45 AM-3:30 PM $290

1-week session How can you use art as a catalyst for change? Join the Paper HeART experience to explore the intersection of art and social justice. Through field trips and guest speakers, see first hand how artists bring awareness to human rights, politics, and social responsibility. Discover new ways to express yourself through visual arts, photography and digital storytelling. Learn about the history of social movements, then choose an issue that matters to you to research and create an art piece inspired by the change you want to see in the world. Camp will end with an exhibit showcasing student work. Instructors: Karen Fogg and Tye Johnson. Lunch supervision is included with this camp. You may register for multiple sessions; you can chose a different project each week.


Week 4July 2 to July 6 (no camp July 4)8:45-11:45 AM$140

1-week session How are clothes and other fabrics made and how do they end up in the store? From the fibers used, to the dyeing process, to shipping and packaging, even the hangers on which they are hung, textiles have a significant impact on the environment. Campers will learn technological advances to help make textiles greener, how to look at unwanted textiles in a different way, and through a series of projects, how to sew in an eco-friendly way by reusing textiles. Additionally, campers will learn how to use sewing tools correctly, including a sewing machine, and will be exposed to the way sewing machines work, types of fabric, correct sewing and garment vocabulary. Instructor: Angie Cataldo.

Textile Engineering

Week 3June 25 to June 298:45-11:45 AM$170

1-week session Reverse engineer your wardrobe!  Campers will learn how garments are created through the process of deconstructing an article of clothing, drafting a sewing pattern and sewing a new garment. In addition to measuring, drafting and engineering changes to a pattern, campers will learn how to use sewing tools correctly, including a sewing machine, and will be exposed to the way sewing machines work, types of fabric, correct sewing and garment vocabulary. Instructor: Angie Cataldo.

Urban Biker

Weeks 3-4June 25 to July 6 (no camp July 4)12:30-3:30 PM$320

2-week session On day one you’ll ride 10 miles with this chaperoned group, potentially building up to a fast-moving 26-mile ride on the last day of camp! Practice street navigation and safe group riding in an urban environment, following rules of the road and fixing problems along the way. Learn self sufficiency, independence and navigation! In addition to exploring Oak Park and River Forest, ride The 606 trail in Chicago, the Salt Creek Trail and stop to see the sights in surrounding communities. Instructors: Peter Schwob and Guillermo Delgado. Required daily items include a road-ready bike with gears (no dirt bikes) and its spare inner tube, bike lock, helmet, snacks, water bottle and closed-toe shoes. Bicycles should be inspected and tuned up at a local shop before the start of camp. While camp content and destinations may be repeated, campers may register for both sessions.

All 5th-8th grade camps take place at Percy Julian Middle School.

For complete registration information visit us here.

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