30949062960_a594f09568_zVEX Robotics is going to be more exciting than ever this year with two new STEM programs:  MakerSpace and a pilot In-House League at Julian.


MakerSpace Clubs (Brooks and Julian)

Design and build something creative and fun in a non-competitive environment. In partnership with District 97, the free MakerSpace Clubs will be at both Brooks and Julian Middle Schools. Using found parts, cool lab devices like a 3D printer, and VEX Robotics equipment, kids can design their own fun and innovative creations. Last year, one team of students at Julian made a battery-operated Frisbee thrower! The club will meet two days a week from April to June. Stay tuned for more information in March.


Pilot In-House League (Julian)

Aimed at kids with little or no VEX Robotics or programming experience, the new pilot In-House League is an opportunity for students to learn the basics of robot design and programming without the commitment of a long competitive club season. Students meet once a week and can choose the Fall League (October-December) or the Winter League (January-March). Working in teams, the kids will design, build, and program a VEX Robotics robot to play games at the Robot Rumble, the new In-House League competition.

“So far we’re getting very positive feedback from families participating in the program. OPEF will be surveying participants to find out what worked and what improvements should be made. If the program proves successful, we hope to offer this option at both schools in the future,” said Mary Beth Hausken, VEX Robotics Coordinator.