Girls play a big role in the growth of OPEF VEX Robotics

For the third year in a row, the number of girls participating in OPEF VEX Robotics has increased. This year, 18% of the students participating in our program are girls, up from 14% last year. We also have more female high school students returning to mentor our...

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Holmes 3rd graders build their own simple machines

Third graders in Ms. Nicks' and Ms. Turi's classrooms had fun AND enhanced their knowledge of simple machines during their Geared Up workshop last week. The student "engineers" exhibited lots of teamwork while studying the benefits of wheels and axles. Check out our...

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We’re gearing up for Geared Up!

Ask your favorite third grader about the gears, pulleys, wheels, axles, inclined planes, force and motion they're learning about using LEGOs in OPEF's Geared Up program this year. This week 3rd graders in Ms. Nicks and Ms. Turi's classrooms are starting Geared Up at...

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Castles and onion domes!

Lincoln first graders are busy learning about castle architecture in Ms. Florczak's art class with Architecture Adventure program coordinator Adrienne McMullen. They are painting a "castle" of their own, which will be installed in the entryway to the school library....

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