It’s a hive of activity in our Robotics Labs as a record number of OPEF VEX Robotics teams prepare for this year’s State Championship!

Four OPEF VEX Robotics teams qualified for the State Championship at the OPEF 2015 Battle of the Bots on February 7. Another five teams qualified for the State Championship as a result of their impressive scores at the Great Lakes-Illinois Skills Challenge in Batavia on Sunday, February 15. This means we will be sending nine teams to the State Championship, which will be held in Batavia on Saturday, March 7.

The teams are now spending the time leading up to the tournament tightening screws, tweaking programming and practicing their driving in our practice arenas. They will be going up against both middle school and high school teams at this all-day event. Congratulations and good luck to the following teams:

Brooks Middle School

  • 7183C: Hydra Resurrection
  • 7183D: Muppets
  • 7183F: Gearheads
  • 7183H: United Alpaca Force
  • 7183J: iBots

Julian Middle School

  • 7480A: Gold Rush
  • 7480D: Dream Team
  • 7480K: This Little Pinkie
  • 7480N: Blue Man Group

Keep up with our teams’ progress on the day of the State Championship by following our Twitter feed @oprobotics.