photo by Dana Nitzoy

As part of their study of changing weather, light, sky, and seasons this year, all the Holmes 1st graders learned to observe closely like artists during their Art Start drawing and painting workshops with artist and author Sallie Wolf.

Ms. Wolf conducted 6 workshops with each of the first grade classes — Ms. Collela’s, Ms. Merz’s and Ms. Yigzaw’s. In these photos by Dana Nitzoy from Ms. Yigzaw’s 1st grade class, students painted with watercolors, using artist quality paint. They also had graphite sticks and waxed paper, and experimented with drawing over the waxed paper onto the dry watercolor paper to create white lines that showed up once painted was washed over.

Students drew beautiful and interesting “sky portraits” from memory as well as from direct observation.

Thanks to Chicago photographer Dana Nitzoy for this slideshow of photos from the workshops.