Julian VEX Robotics’ competitive coach Kevin Berger shared his notes on a recent rainy Saturday morning practice.
The rainy Saturday morning delayed the coaches’ arrival until 8:55, so we were delighted to be met by a crowd of eager engineers huddled under the overhang trying to protect themselves from the inclement weather that billeted their delicate bodies. Though the robotics room was dark and dreary when the hoard entered, the pounding harmony of Led Zeppelin soon energized the group and inspired engineering genius.  As the morning advanced, the progress on the robots ebbed and flowed each and every hour; one minute a working chassis sits majestically on the table, but in minutes it lies in plethora of parts as the dreaded rebuild begins. Despite these setbacks, confidence is high that all robots will be up and running for our first competition on December 9th.
Thanks to all the parents that popped in this Saturday to check out the program. We are always excited to see new faces.
We also welcomed Mr. Morrell back after his short absence to enjoy the birth of his baby daughter.