Six teams of VEX Robotics students at Julian Middle School designed robots, then built and battled each other in a Robot Rumble, exploring the various aspects of technology in competitive fun. The hands-on projects were organized in small groups, and kids explored teamwork, leadership, creativity and problem-solving. A similar event was held at Brooks Middle School at the same time.


The Robot Rumble is a crescendo within a 12-week intramural option, created for Oak Park middle school students who want a robotics experience that is less intensive while still allowing time for building and battling!



VEX Robotics program has continued to grow, helping Oak Park middle school students gain valuable engineering skills. Our program became a model for middle schools statewide because OPEF invested in cutting-edge technology and top-notch coaching, and we are committed to enhancing our program quality for students.


For more information about the Robotics program, and to see calendars for each of the schools, please visit our Robotics page.