On Sunday, April 7, a team of VEX Robotics students from Julian Middle School participated in the Robot Block Party at the Museum of Science and Industry. This event was held to celebrate National Robotics Week. The museum featured robots from around the world in lectures, demonstrations, workshops and hands-on activities.

The OPEF VEX Robotics team was among the demonstrators in the MSI Rotunda, where visitors could get a close up look at a variety of robots, see what they can do and even try their hand at operating them.

Here is what Dee Goldman, a VEX parent and volunteer said about the experience:

“Thank you to the OPEF for allowing our children the privilege to participate in National Robotics Week alongside cutting-edge robots such as HAL (the Hybrid Assistive Limb powered exoskeleton from Japan), the PARO Therapeutic Robot (it uses multiple sensors to perceive people and their environment, also from Japan), Rice University SWARM bots, and another favorite the Survey Runner (it has the ability to climb stairs and assisted in the repair work at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant). Yes, the Oak Park Julian middle school boys were right alongside these amazing participants and thoroughly enjoyed showcasing their bots.”

Thanks to Mandy Bobrow, MSI Special Programs Coordinator, and the Museum of Science and Industry for affording our kids this amazing opportunity!