Folk Art fun with BASE Camp’s Guillermo Delgado

Guillermo Delgado is the kind of OPEF instructor that makes campers feel instantly at ease. When visiting his BASE Camp Folk Art classroom, Delgado had familiar classical soundtracks from top movies like Harry Potter playing on his stereo. A whirlwind of paper and paint was spread out for children to enjoy.  “Do you like my lavender?” said a camper to two of her friends, while sitting quietly and painting a purple flower.

Each child painted their own personal mandala, which is a figure sometimes used in meditation. Mandalas, stemming from traditional Sanskrit roots, can allow the artist’s mind to run free while being creative with their process. It gives them time and room to collect their thoughts, relax and create.

Delgado, who has been teaching classes and camps with OPEF since 2008, said there was “100% success rate with every child engaged” during his artistic exercise. Delgado also teaches creative workshops in prisons, including art, poetry and yoga. He said he draws every day after work. “It’s like a reset. It allows me to start over for the day,” he said. When asked about how peaceful his campers were, he said with a smile, “Well, it is a meditation.”

Other BASE Camps taught by Delgado this summer include Comics Creator and Urban Biker, where campers ride 1–26 miles along the 606 train in Chicago, as well as various locations in Oak Park and River Forest, etc. We are so grateful to have Guillermo Delgado in our OPEF family!